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Love seafood is a restaurant located in Kampung Tua Tanjung piayu Laut Batam, Indonesia since 2013 and has opened a restaurant branch located in the city center, namely Batam center. Love Seafood has a very strong Vision & Mission to support quality, service, serving in this millennial era for children, teenagers, adults to the elderly. VISION – Creating the best seafood restaurant in Indonesia that forms self-reliance and kinship – Making dishes familiar to the tongues of Indonesians & outsiders – Making seafood culinary as one of the culinary treasures of the archipelago that must be preserved.

The taste of the food is really fresh and delicious that makes the tongue bill, as well as the concept of cuisine and service of a love seafood restaurant that is always maintained in quality, even the first and only one in Batam City, Indonesia and continues to grow until now. MISSION – Providing convenience in serving the food needs of the community for all segments – Creating new jobs – Building an entrepreneurial spirit for seafood restaurant branches – Building local culinary independence in the face of globalization – Establishing the best seafood restaurant with branches throughout Indonesia

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